Posting Hacks Format

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Posting Hacks Format

Post by Kody104 on Fri Aug 20, 2010 12:16 am

To post a hack onto the site, it must first go through this section. I will be listing things you need to put in your post if you want it approved.

1. Put the hacked swf into an attachment (Don't worry, only staff can see the swf)

2. Make sure you take a 100 x 100 Screenshot of the game, so we have a photo to post.

3. List what hacks you put into the game.

4. If it was requested, put who it was requested by.

5. Put who helped you hack the game if any

If you need help with the photo part, Snagit is perfect for this.

If you didn't hack the game, do not post it. If you post a game taking credit for it, you will be banned.

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