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Request Format

Post by XxDarknessAngelxX on Tue Jul 06, 2010 6:45 pm

Topic Title:

Name of Game

In Post:

Name of game

Link to Game (Must include an actual link to the game page. Not just

Hacks you want or Leave it up to the hacker

- Don’t -

• Request a game that has already been hacked or has already been requested.

• Request any "FULL VERSIONS" of any games!

• Request any hacks for "PREMIUM ITEMS" that require money like MochiCoins!

• Request a rehack.

- Do -

• Put the name of the game in the title of your topic.

• Provide a link directly to a page the game is on. Link must be to a page that does not require membership to view.

• State what hacks you want or that it is up to the hacker. If you don’t say anything, we will assume it is up to the hacker.

• Wait at least 24 hours for a response. If no response is given feel free to bump the topic.

• Once a hacker states they are going to hack it they have 12 hours to finish, please be patient.

• Respect the people hacking the game. They are doing their best.

• Do not ask for re-hacks. Accept the game as it is.

• Do not spam topics or bump topics over a week old.

- Game we can’t hack, so don’t ask –

• Java or Shockwave games.

• Online games.

• Multiplayer or MMO games

• Games with premium items that can be bought with money.

• We can’t hack demo games to be full featured

Requesting any of the above games could result in a warning to you, 3 warnings and your banned from our site!

Admins feel free to do add to this list any game that is being repetitively requested, that we can't post. If you don't mind try to post them alphabetically. [list][*]

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Re: Request Format

Post by Kody104 on Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:21 pm

We can hack Miniclip, Nitrome, Youda, and all the others banned on ATF.


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